About us

We are an integrated marketing agency that challenges the status quo. Our client retention is built on years of knowledge, skill and passion for delivering ‘best in brand’ experiences that embraces strategy, marketing communications, digital and social, experiential and events.

We inform, educate, excite and empower with the new, exclusive, unexpected and innovative. And we do it by focusing on the big picture but meticulously planning for the devil in the detail. We thrive on the little things because we know that by intensifying insights and emotions, we can transform the tiniest of details into long-term and meaningful differences to audiences. We call our principle ‘creating emotional advantages’. But audiences probably just know it as love…

We drive deeper audience connections

Why care about emotional marketing

We all remove emotion and make no-nonsense decisions based on rational thought, right? Actually….no. We make decisions emotionally. Appealing with facts and function is important, but bonding to audiences means understanding what they need emotionally too

We stir emotions with live experience

Making brand activations more memorable

AddingValue’s live experience team combines the expertise of an experiential agency and live events agency. Together, our teams turn the abstract into multisensory, exciting, inspiring, educational or motivating brand experiences.

We create communications that drive connections

Reaching out using digital and social

AddingValue’s communications team is made up of experts you would find in a digital agency, communications agency and creative agency – but they’re all under one roof.