Peugeot Annual Business Conference

Automotive International Conference

Peugeot has a strong heritage as a manufacturer since 1810, and specifically a car maker since 1890. From the beginning, the brand has inspired technological efficiency, and continues to demonstrate unrivalled innovation.

The Challenge

After the recession left the automotive sector with budget cuts and decreased sales opportunities, the need to put on an unmissable and inspiring event was even more crucial. AddingValue was challenged to reach a larger volume of diverse delegates with less budget, whilst maintaining the high impact of previous years.

The Solution

An international conference centre close to the UK home of Peugeot provided the motivational setting for a celebration of 200 years in business, and the launch of some technically innovative products was the perfect partner to erase leftover recession cynicism and build confidence for the future. 

The Emotional Advantage

The meeting built upon the success of previous years with a budget that was considerably less than £200/PH. The network were proud to be a part of Peugeot's successful past and exciting future, and they left upbeat and ready for action. 


Such an achievement earned us recognition at the EVCOM Awards for Most Effective Event ROI.

Business Conference Services

Venue search, technical logistics, delegate registration, digital communications, Art direction and conference production

...what the network wanted and more. A truly impressive event of which we are rightly proud...

Managing Director, Peugeot UK